1. A search can be conducted by Stock Code, Listed Company's Name or Director's Name.

2. The List of Directors contains the following particulars: Listed Company's English Name, Listed Company's Chinese Name, Stock Code, Listing Status, Director's English Name, Director's Chinese Name, Capacity, Position (Chairman, CEO and/or Managing Director), Appointment Date and Resignation Date of directorship (if any).

3. The Resignation Date of directorship shows only resignations on or after 1 January 2006. The Resignation Date of directorship of a delisted company shall be the earlier of (i) the resignation date of the director, and (ii) the delisting date of the company.

4. Each Director's English Name is arranged as follows: last name, any English transliteration of the Director's Chinese name and any English name(s).

5. To search by Director's Name, please input the director's name in the order set out in point 4 above. Alternatively, input a string containing at least 3 characters to search for all names containing that string.

6. Under the Capacity column, the "A/F" notation after Independent Non-Executive Director refers to an independent non-executive director with appropriate professional qualifications or accounting or related financial management expertise.

Contact Us: Should there be any questions or comments on searching the List of Directors, please email to terryng@hkex.com.hk.