Board Meeting Notifications

Date : 24/06/2022

The following table is a consolidated list of board meeting dates
announced by listed issuers. This list may not be exhaustive
and is for reference only. You should always refer to the
announcements issued by listed issuers. To search for
announcements and corporate communications issued by listed
issuers, please use the following link:

Note: Entries will be removed after the board meeting date.

BM DateStock Short Name CodePurposePeriod
27/06/2022AE LOGISTICS 8620FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
27/06/2022BAR PACIFIC 8432RESULTS/FIN DIVY.E.31/03/22
27/06/2022DADI EDU 8417FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
27/06/2022ECHO INT HOLD 8218FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
27/06/2022MEDINET GROUP 8161FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
27/06/2022MIN FU INTL 8511FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
27/06/2022TASTY CONCEPTS 8096FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
27/06/2022TREE HOLDINGS 8395FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
27/06/2022YING KEE TEA 8241FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
28/06/2022AMUSE GROUP 8545FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
28/06/2022GRAND T G GOLD 8299FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
28/06/2022HEPHAESTUS HLDG 8173FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
28/06/2022PIZU GROUP 8053RESULTS/FIN DIVY.E.31/03/22
28/06/2022SHISHI SERVICES 8181FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
28/06/2022SUNRAY ENG GP 8616FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
28/06/2022TK NEW ENERGY 8326FIN RESY.E.31/03/22
28/06/2022WAC HOLDINGS 8619FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
29/06/2022BINGO GROUP 8220FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
29/06/2022CHINA OCEAN GP 8047FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
29/06/2022CT IND GROUP 8111FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
29/06/2022FINET GROUP 8317FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
29/06/2022GRAND TALENTS 8516FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
29/06/2022GREAT WORLD 8003FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
29/06/2022PF GROUP 8221FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022AESO HOLDING 8341FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022ASIAPAC FIN INV 8193RESULTS/FIN DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022CHINA SMARTPAY 8325FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022CNC HOLDINGS 8356FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022DADI INTL GROUP 8130FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022F8 ENT 8347FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022FAMEGLOW 8603FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022FARNOVA GROUP 8153FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022HAO BAI INTL 8431FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022HMVOD 8103FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022IMPERIUM FIN GP 8029FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022KNK HOLDINGS 8039FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022LEGENDARY GROUP 8195FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022LIFE CONCEPTS 8056FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022MANSION INTL 8456RESULTS/FIN DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022ON REAL INT'L 8245FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022ORIENTAL PAY 8613FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022SAU SAN TONG 8200FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022SEAMLESS GREEN 8150RESULTSY.E.31/12/21
30/06/2022SHEUNG MOON 8523FIN RESY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022SIMPLICITY HLDG 8367FIN RESY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022SINO VISION WW 8086INT RES/DIV6-MTH-ENDED31/12/21
30/06/2022UNITAS HOLD 8020FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
30/06/2022WEALTH GLORY 8269FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22