Board Meeting Notifications

Date : 08/06/2023

The following table is a consolidated list of board meeting dates
announced by listed issuers. This list may not be exhaustive
and is for reference only. You should always refer to the
announcements issued by listed issuers. To search for
announcements and corporate communications issued by listed
issuers, please use the following link:

Note: Entries will be removed after the board meeting date.

BM DateStock Short Name CodePurposePeriod
09/06/2023NIO-SW 98661ST QUARTER RES3-MTH-ENDED31/03/23
09/06/2023YIELD GO HLDGS 1796FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
12/06/2023CHONG KIN GP 1609FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
13/06/2023DICKSON CONCEPT  113FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
14/06/2023A METAVERSE 1616FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/21
15/06/2023CAFE DE CORAL H  341FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
15/06/2023JACOBSON PHARMA 2633FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
15/06/2023JBM HEALTHCARE 2161FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
15/06/2023SA SA INT'L  178FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
16/06/2023GBA DYNAMIC 1189FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
16/06/2023IWS GROUP 6663FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
16/06/2023MAJOR HLDGS 1389FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
16/06/2023TEXWINCA HOLD  321FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
19/06/2023G-VISION INT'L  657FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
19/06/2023GOLDEN RES DEV  677FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
19/06/2023GRAND MING 1271RESULTS/FIN DIVY.E.31/03/23
19/06/2023MICROWARE 1985FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
19/06/2023MONGOLIA ENERGY  276FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
19/06/2023ONEFORCE HLDGS 1933FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
19/06/2023WINSON HLDGS HK 6812FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
19/06/2023YEEBO (INT'L H)  259FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
20/06/2023GOLD PEAK   40RESULTS/FIN DIVY.E.31/03/23
20/06/2023HANISON  896FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
20/06/2023HUABANG TECH 3638FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
20/06/2023MILLIONHOPE IND 1897FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
20/06/2023ORIENTAL E H   18FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
20/06/2023ORIENTAL WATCH  398FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
20/06/2023SILVER TIDE 1943FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
20/06/2023UBA INVESTMENTS  768FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
20/06/2023VITASOY INT'L  345FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
21/06/2023HKR INT'L  480FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
21/06/2023HUASHENG INTL 1323FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
21/06/2023PINE CARE GP 1989FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
21/06/2023WING CHI HLDGS 6080FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
21/06/2023YUK WING GP 1536FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
23/06/2023INCON 1500FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
23/06/2023PACIFICTEXTILES 1382FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
23/06/2023UPBEST GROUP  335FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
23/06/2023XINMING CHINA 2699FIN RESY.E.31/12/22
26/06/2023KFM KINGDOM 3816RESULTS/FIN DIVY.E.31/03/23
26/06/2023STATE EN ASSETS  918FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
27/06/2023ABLE ENG HLDGS 1627FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
27/06/2023B & S INTL HLDG 1705FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
27/06/2023DRAGON RISE GP 6829FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
27/06/2023SHUNTEN INTL  932FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
27/06/2023STELUX HOLDINGS   84FIN RESY.E.31/03/23
27/06/2023WANT WANT CHINA  151FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
27/06/2023YAU LEE HOLD  406FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
28/06/2023AP RENTALS 1496FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
28/06/2023EAGLE NICE 2368FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
28/06/2023RYKADAN CAPITAL 2288FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
29/06/2023C OVS NUOXIN  464FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
29/06/2023DIMMI LIFE HLDG 1667FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
29/06/2023HERALD HOLD  114FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
29/06/2023LISI GP HOLD  526FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/23
30/06/2023ZHIDAO INT'L 1220FIN RESY.E.31/03/23

*This is the expected release date of the results announcement. A meeting
of the board of directors of the company will be held on 06 June 2023.