Board Meeting Notifications

Date : 27/01/2023

The following table is a consolidated list of board meeting dates
announced by listed issuers. This list may not be exhaustive
and is for reference only. You should always refer to the
announcements issued by listed issuers. To search for
announcements and corporate communications issued by listed
issuers, please use the following link:

Note: Entries will be removed after the board meeting date.

BM DateStock Short Name CodePurposePeriod
30/01/2023PICO FAR EAST  752FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/10/22
31/01/2023CHINA VERED FIN  245INT RES/DIV6-MTH-ENDED30/06/22
31/01/2023HANG LUNG GROUP   10FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
31/01/2023HANG LUNG PPT  101FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
31/01/2023HANG YICK HLDGS 1894FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/21
31/01/2023HANG YICK HLDGS 1894FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/22
31/01/2023HPC HOLDINGS 1742FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/10/22
31/01/2023RI YING HLDGS 1741FIN RES/DIVY.E.30/09/22
31/01/2023YUE KAN HLDG 2110INT RES/DIV6-MTH-ENDED30/11/22
08/02/2023YUM CHINA 9987RESULTSY.E.31/12/22
09/02/2023SMIC  981RESULTS3-MTH-ENDED31/12/22
15/02/2023TAI PING CARPET  146INT RES/DIV6-MTH-ENDED31/12/22
16/02/2023BANK OF E ASIA   23FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
17/02/2023HYSAN DEV   14FIN RES/2ND INT DIVY.E.31/12/22
17/02/2023*LENOVO GROUP  992RESULTS9-MTH-ENDED31/12/22
23/02/2023HKEX  388FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
23/02/2023SHK PPT   16INT RES/DIV6-MTH-ENDED31/12/22
28/02/2023CHINA GEM HLDGS 1191FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/21
07/03/2023MMG 1208FIN RESY.E.31/12/22
08/03/2023CATHAY PAC AIR  293FIN RES/INT DIVY.E.31/12/22
08/03/2023U-PRESID CHINA  220FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
09/03/2023SWIRE PACIFIC A   19FIN RES/2ND INT DIVY.E.31/12/22
09/03/2023SWIRE PACIFIC B   87FIN RES/2ND INT DIVY.E.31/12/22
15/03/2023FE HORIZON 3360FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
15/03/2023PING AN 2318FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
16/03/2023CHINA LIT  772FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
16/03/2023STELLA HOLDINGS 1836FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
17/03/2023CHINA EB LTD  165FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
20/03/2023KING'S FLAIR 6822FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
21/03/2023ANTA SPORTS 2020FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
21/03/2023GEELY AUTO  175FIN RESY.E.31/12/22
22/03/2023TENCENT  700FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
23/03/2023CRYSTAL INTL 2232FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
24/03/2023JIANGSU EXPRESS  177FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
24/03/2023JIANGXI COPPER  358FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
24/03/2023ZIJIN MINING 2899FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
28/03/2023DIT GROUP  726FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
30/03/2023BAWANG GROUP 1338FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
30/03/2023CHINA SOUTH AIR 1055FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
30/03/2023EB ENVIRONMENT  257FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
30/03/2023MEITU 1357FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
30/03/2023NANJING PANDA  553FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22
30/03/2023TIMES ELECTRIC 3898FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/22

*This is the expected release date of the results announcement.
A meeting of the board of directors of the company will be held
on 16 February 2023.