Securities (Disclosure of Interests) Daily Summaries


                                                                                 SECURITIES (DISCLOSURE OF INTERESTS) DAILY SUMMARIES -                                                       PRINTED: 27/05/03  PAGE:   1
                                                                                      SUBSTANTIAL SHAREHOLDERS' NOTIFICATIONS REPORT

STOCK NAME :  Sino Technology                (01217)        * ISC as at 24/03/03 :         200,000,000

Name of Sub. Shareholder   Date     Reason    Present Bal.     Previous Bal.             Share Jointly Held                          Corporate Interest                          Family Interest                  Note
------------------------ -------- ---------- ---------------  ---------------  -----------------------------------------  -----------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------- -----------
XIANG XIN                20/03/03 3,5             26,000,000       58,000,000                                             HARVEST RISE INV LTD           26,000,000                                            N2  N4     

                    * ISC refers to the latest Issued Share Capital of the listed company recorded by the Exchange as at the date of this summaries.  It might not promptly reflect 
                      changes caused by share placements, rights issue, bonus issue, etc.  Readers should exercise caution when using these figures.

                                                                                               *****  END OF REPORT  *****


N1      The discrepancy of 1,831 shares in CNT Group Limited ("CNT") was
        caused by the scrip shares undertaken by Mr. Akers-Jones, David
        under a scrip dividend scheme with a cash election of CNT in
        respect of its final dividend of 1994.  His entitlement of the
        1,831 scrip shares arose on 22 July 1995.

N2      Revised

N3      The name of issuer of the 6.5% Notes due 2013 should be Hutchison
        Whampoa International (03/13) Limited which was incorrectly stated

N4      Disposal of 32,000,000 shares by Harvest Rise Investments Limited.
        Harvest Rise Investments Limited is wholly and beneficially owned
        by Mr. Xiang Xin.